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Truth or Dare (Random Dares)

Random jaw dropping dares, they are funny and engaging if somewhat embarrassing dares. The dares outlined here can be used alone to play the game or can be used as a launching point to create your own challenges. These dares are designed to address groups of teens through adults. There is no blatantly adult content but it is not suitable for younger players.

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Proclaim your undying devotion to the next person who walks into the room.

Go to the bathroom and put your pants on backwards and were them that way for the rest of the game.

Do an impression of another player. Continue until someone is able to guess who you are impersonating.

Call Wal-Mart and ask if you can use their dressing room to try on a pair of jeans you received as a gift.

Have another player paint the toenails on only your left foot. (if no nail polish is available use something else like pen, marker, or ketchup)

Use a seductive voice to tell another player about one of your turn offs

See how many ice cubes you can fit in your mouth at one time.

Update your facebook or other social media status to read looking to engage the services of a professional matchmaker.

Do everything in slow-motion for three rounds.

Speak Like Elmer Fudd for the next three rounds.

Do a head-stand or a hand stand for 60 seconds.

Speak in rhyme for the next 5 rounds.

Do the hokey pokey in the middle of a circle of players and sing the song that goes with it.

Poke someone you do not know on facebook

Put lipstick on another player but you are not allowed to use your hands.

Ask a complete stranger for a hug?

Hand your cell phone to another player and let them text anything they want to any single contact.

Peel a banana with out using your hands.

Dress up like a boy scout. Be creative about the uses of items and props to approximate the boy scout uniform.

Blow a raspberry on the stomach of another player

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